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Cloud consulting refers to the business of providing consultation in utilizing and implementing cloud computing to meet business needs. Basically cloud consulting is the process adopted by business consultants to help businesses, adopt cloud based services through appropriate explanation of its benefits.

  • An Application on Cloud designed to meet a range of your organization's needs, and to minimize business risk and protect your user experience.
  • With the Miri’s cloud application security services, you gain the advantages of cloud — flexibility, automation, speed, cost-effectiveness and our expertise of leading consultants are there to help you improve the security of your apps.
  • Our multi-layered, integrated and trusted security framework defends your organization from attacks on networks, endpoints, applications, data, identity, and infrastructure.
  • Cloud networking is a term describing the access of networking resources from a centralized third-party provider using Wide Area Networking (WAN) or Internet-based access technologies.
  • Miri provides the design patterns for you to connect remote networks with your Amazon VPC environment (for example, monitoring, authentication, security, data or other systems) by extending your internal networks into the AWS Cloud.
  • Our consultants are there to help analyze your network and ensures your systems are working effectively, including routing and switching needs, data center, software defined networking and management. We ensure that your network is running smoothly so you can focus on delivering quality products and/or services to your customers.
Backup and Recovery
  • Backup and recovery is the process of backing up data in case of a loss and setting up systems that allow that data recovery due to data loss. Backing up data requires copying and archiving computer data, so that it is accessible in case of data deletion or corruption.
  • Miri staff manage your entire backup and data restoration process. No more investment is required in backup hardware and software.
  • Our Trained, certified and experienced technical staff is there to manage your entire process.
Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud hosting is a service that provides the hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.
  • Miri’s cloud hosting services results in cost savings as they only have to pay for what they use, and because they can access it at any time, they don’t need to pay for additional capacity.
  • Our cloud hosting services are designed by keeping in mind, your IT requirements to provide you an improved ROI along with ultimate flexibility and data security assurance.