Developing algorithms for your profits

Machine Learning

Ml works around the concept of predicting outcomes of an event. This technology is applied to the software products to increase their accuracy without programming them explicitly. Ml involves two major Models I.e. Data mining and Predictive models. It is the root technology used in neural networks.

Machine Learning
  • Ml is greatly being used and applied by the data scientists that require to process tons of data with minimum execution time.
  • These algorithms are capable to generate Accurate results up to 99.9% with optimized process.
  • Miri has successfully configured a ML product on AWS marketplace under the name “Mahout machine learning algorithms”.
  • The algorithms of Mahout are written on top of Hadoop, so it works well in distributed environment. Mahout uses the Apache Hadoop library to scale effectively in the cloud.
Predictive Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics/Advance analytics is the most used and popular technology now in the world. This works on the predictive model that analysis the pattern and relationship of the given data and predicts the outcomes accordingly.
  • Most of the recommendation systems are based on this process and they can be accurate up to 99%.
  • Miri provides a complete bundle for predictions on the cloud platform that includes “Hadoop” ecosystem”, R language and Rstudio which are integrated together to produce highly accurate results.
Business Intelligence
  • BI applications are in demand as they process the data collected by an organization from internal, external or both sources very efficiently.
  • This is used to predict the ways in which a business can be driven for growth.
  • Miri has an offering on AWS for BI by the name “DataMelt- A 3D framework for numeric computation and data visualization.”
  • This tool is an interactive framework used for numeric computation, statistics, symbolic calculations, data analysis and data visualization.
Deep Learning
  • Deep learning algorithms train the system in a structured manner on the basis of the task to be performed.
  • This technology has a wide application in the areas of computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, audio recognition, social network filtering, machine translation, bioinformatics, drug design etc.
  • We have “h2o” configured on aws marketplace that is used for Real-time Data Scoring and Healthcare