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Cloud Migration Services refer to moving from traditional server environments to private, public or hybrid clouds of their preference. Migrated data is validated to check comprehensiveness and decommissioning of legacy data storage as a part of the entire data migration procedure.


Cloud Migration:

Transition from enterprise workloads to the clouds

  • We offer cloud computing services with the help of AWS services by utilizing the approach of Cloud Migration. The agility and the speed are the two main factors that are considered in this.
  • The users are given utmost productivity and liberty they require whereas the visibility is maintained to manage audits and compliance


Database Migration

Moving data using performance testing, database schema conversion and so on

  • We offered cloud migration consulting and helped a global leading wireless solutions provider CombaUSA to migrate their database from their premises up on cloud framework using AWS services
  • AWS DMS was majorly used to leverage this task. It was an efficacious migration that made their transactions easy and smooth


Infrastructure Migration

Provides the capability to scale IT infrastructure up or down, as per the company's current needs

  • A reliable methodology including initial assessment, development of a migration plan and pre-migration testing while ensuring smooth transition with minimum downtime
  • Miri along with AWS helped CombaUSA to manage their corporate websites and newsletters. Mautic was incorporated as a software using the amazon SES service to automate the marketing campaigns
  • A work mail was sent to them with the email domain so that their customers could reach and also a pre-configured ERPNext platform was hosted to deal with their revenue generation process


Application Migration

Migration from an on-premises enterprise server to a cloud provider’s environment or from one cloud environment to another environment

  • It has the inclusion of middleware products which refers to almost negligible network concerns that may or may not occur during the migration. It is almost like as software that sits between client side request on the front-end and back-end resources
  • Miri with AWS properly architect the destination server environment before initiating the entire migration process. Then, the data is prepared that needs to be migrated and testing and re-testing is done to avoid any kind of discrepancies at the final stage


We offered cloud migration consulting to CombaUSA

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