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Steve Butcher Case Study

The client’s website used to take a long duration to load as it induced heavy images and videos and was hosted on premise. The response time was quite longer than expected and usually used to crash down whenever there was high users traffic. For this, Miri scaled up the website and hosted it on AWS using the basic architecture.

Architectural Diagram

About the Customer

The client is the owner of a tattoo studio with his website incorporating all the tattoo designs of numerous intensities and prices.

Customer Challenge

Website and Database optimization issues.


AWS provides highly available and fault-tolerant architecture for hosting the client’s website on AWS.

Miri helped them by resolving their problems as we hosted their website on Cloud, which is none other than AWS cloud. AWS services like RDS was used which not only helped them with scalability but also the costing as only as it works on the principle of 'pay as you go', where you pay only for the resources you use and no upfront and extra costs are involved in it.

Key Takeaways

  • With advance planning, cloud migration can be a simple process.
  • Cloud streamlines load testing.
  • Cloud’s scalability is key to customer satisfaction.

Results and Benefits

  • Miri integrated custom alerts feature at the OS level and Database level to ensure the minimum downtime for the better user experience.
  • We came up with a highly available and fault-tolerant architecture for hosting the client’s website on AWS. It meets all the security compliance namely SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, and ISO. The response time is very less as the services are placed in such a way that they produce the lowest latency for the users around the world.

About the AWS Partner

Miri InfoTech is a project-based, end-to-end software development company, that has great expertise in building cloud, mobile, and web solutions. We have 16+ years of expertise in developing solutions that are based on leading technologies and platforms, such as SharePoint, Microsoft.Net, Salesforce, and soon. Miri is highly devoted to maintaining long standing client relationships and we believe in solving your problems. Being a world-class IT services company, we work with companies of all sizes to create tech solutions that solve problems, make jobs easier, and make businesses stronger. Many of our clients have IT departments of their own—but their internal IT either doesn’t have the bandwidth or expertise necessary to complete the specific solution.

Whether you are looking for IT or Cloud services, Miri, being on the number three position in the AWS vendor list can offer you the expertise to help you build a strategy that is absolutely right for you. Being a renowned IT service provider, we have worked with top-notch companies as well as start-ups to help simplify their IT experience and attain business objectives with technology.